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Cringe Review by The Bitches Basement:

Go here to see it for yourself: http://www.leannemstudios.com/feelingthebandup.htm

Cringe::Industrial Metal baby!!

I liked Cringe right off the bat. I snuck up behind the lead singer and heard him tell a few little naughty things to some girls. He is a bit sexy and I can see why he would be a threat to the local music scene. I also see why the band gets their share of the bullshit sandwich, but I believe they will surpass and feed it to others one day. The band has talent.

Right from the start of the night, I saw many girls running around, waiting to see one of the members of Cringe walk by. I was a little shocked to see this type of a reaction in this scene. Ok, I have been in this scene a while and really, I knew how the girls reacted to the members of Cringe before this show, but for this piece, I am pretending to be a Cringe "virgin". I pretend to be a "virgin" a lot.

The crowd enjoyed all the bands in their own way, but Cringe really got the crowd going.

Not to take away from Victim, they came after Cringe and as well put on an amazing show (the crowed was fucking wired by this time!!).

Victim+Cringe=a great fucking that you never want to end.

Lord, my body has not been that sore since my last boyfriend, but that is another story.

The main comments that floated in the air that night were "how hot this", "how bad ass was that!" and my favorite.."did he just say I wanna fuck, scream, call out your name??".

Everyone seemed to dig the band, the show & their songs, which means only one thing:

Cringe has got all the elements to make it. I feel they have made it, just how soon will they be signed is the question.

check them out::www.cringemusic.com

Amen sista...amen.
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