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From the Webmaster......

But no offical word straight from the source............

[ Shawn Olson ] at 2003-10-10 16:55:02 EST | EMAIL | WEBSITE
Sorry friends... but the rumors about the demise of Cringe are true. These means that I have to swallow all of my predictions about this wonderful group's future... but that's life.

The site is going to be changing very soon. The guestbook will soon go offline too... so anyone who wants to publicly thanks Cringe for all the good times need do so soon.

I just want to go on record and say that Cringe has been a wonderful part of my life this last year... and I feel priveleged that I got to spend some time getting to know some talented and good human beings. I expect that all the members will have productive futures.

So thanks and Good Luck bros! But before the curtain goes down forever... well let's have Tommy have the last word on that.

Take Care.
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