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Help out a friend...

Hey Everyone!

I'm sure that many of you on here may know him (or of him), Tom Cline lead singer for Cringe/Noise Auction (AKA: cringerawks) is in need of some help.

Tommy had a throat infection a few weeks ago which in return turned into a blister on his vocal cord. The doctors say that the blister is covering up some sort of damage that may have been done by the throat infection. They also say that the damage may have to be fixed with surgery. In short, Tommy has no insurance to cover the many doctor bills that have been flowing in.

There will be a benefit for him at the Billard Club on 161 in Columbus on Tuesday, June 29th. We will be doing a 50-50 raffle as well as a raffle for a gift pack including: Concert Tix, 50% off a tattoo or a free piercing at tattoo's. and all kinds of weird stuff. Liquid6Teen, Soma, Poke Chop Jenkins and the Riblets will be performing as well as many others. If you can, please go to this and help him out.

Tommy is a very talented singer and song writer, he has been the the Columbus Scene for a long time and we'd all like to see him excel in his music career. Please help if you can.

Thank you,
Laura (lauradark)
Gothic Mecca Studios
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